There have been many attempts, but few have sounded so convincing as the debut album from Nicole Russo
— Girl Magazine
Upbeat soulful grooves from rejuvenated Heavies kicked into the future with sparkling dance floor mixes from Nelson and Bomba, and given a fresh direction thanks to superb new vocalist Nicole Russo

Inspired by the performances she had been witness to from such a young age, Nicole began playing the piano at four and was writing songs by the age of eight. Finding she had a flair for music and her family's edict of getting there through hard work and no nepotism, with piano skills firmly under her belt since the age of 4, she began attempting to prove herself by turned her hand to playing the drums at twelve and then took up playing the Saxophone at 13.

Having already begun singing at church from the age of ten years old, it was only 3 years before she was a professionally employed backing vocals for the likes of Pauline Henry of the Chimes and Coolio.

At just16 Nicole was offered deals for her very first record contract as she was hotly pursued by two Major labels, and much to the disappointment of her management, she declined the deals, as she ever determined to completely avoid deals offered based on her looks and not her talent, at a time when there where no white artists performing soul music, so Nicole confidently moved forward on her own path and made great sacrifice to avoid the obvious pop route into music.

After a few years of continuing to hone her craft, Nicole then met Eg White under what was described as almost 'fate-like' circumstances.

Eg had gained cult success after the release of his first album, '24 Years Of Hunger', but Nicole always referred to him as a genius. 

Upon their very first meeting at Eg's home studio in Shepherds Bush London, they wrote the song : 'You Might Be Wrong', which later became the first single on Nicole's debut album: 'Through My Eyes'.

Nicole as ever writing all melodies, lyrics and arrangements for the songs allowed Eg to focusing on the music, and so they wrote and produced the album together, after the release of which they received wonderful reviews, and artists such as Adele, Joss Stone, and James Morrison all began flooding to Eg for him to write and produce their albums, and as such Nicole struggled for the recognition of her main contribution on the album as song writer and producer.

Whilst writing with Eg, Nicole was approached by the label London Records who were keen to sign her to a major album deal. Nicole agreed to perform a song written by Michelle Escoffrey and Mark Hill: '24/7 Love', which she guested on alongside Craig David on their first Artful Dodger album, 'It's All About The Stragglers'… which in part inspired Nicole's choice to call her next album with The Brand New Heavies: 'All About The Funk'.

At the same time Nicole was approached by Telstar Records and made the decision to sign her first album deal with them, as they were undeterred by Nicole's single minded determination to make an album that was a fusion of retro funk and hip Hop in style and not attempting to fit in to, a modern style of R&B that Nicole had little time for.

Whilst signed to Telstar records, Nicole went to the USA where she worked with such industry giants as the producer Commissioner Gorden, of Lauryn Hill's 'Miseducation' album.

Nicole continued to work with many more highly respected US writers and producers such as Tramp, The Beat miners, Dave Anthony and finally Atlantic records arranged for Nicole to write with James Posner of Jill Scott, Eryka Badu and The Roots.

The following year Nicole was asked to write a song for The 'Brand New Heavies', by their management; 'Wildlife'.

She presented the song 'I need some More', which she had written over a jam session and soon after the band asked her to join as singer, writer and co-producer of their next album. Nicole Russo and The Brand New Heavies began a tour of Japan and Korea that summer and had finished writing and recording their album, named by Nicole 'All About The Funk' by Autumn. Once written and mixed they then licensed to Hed Kandi Records new label OneTwo Records. The first Single Boogie was released followed by the second release of 'Surrender'.

Following her departure from The Brand New Heavies, needing to recuperate Nicole then placed her focus on others as 'the artist' and so began developing new talents, and Nicole's focus for herself as producer as she realised few female's were taken seriously as producers, and so whilst producing and writing music for artists, TV and Film she also pursued her screen-writing career and began a film production company in Hong Kong.  Around the same time Nicole was asked by Mousse T to write a song for his Ferry Ultra album where her track was first single on an album with Roy Ayers, Gwen Mc Crae and Ann Sexton, and is now completing the writing of her own next solo album whilst making documentaries and writing concepts for TV and film in Asia.

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