Hello Again England: I'm coming for you Cornwall

Well, after an amazing ride in the beautiful, the wonderful, the dazzling and forever enchanting Hong Kong, I have returned to England.. and it is great to be back, no matter how much I love that beautiful lady that is Hong Kong, it was time for cleaner air and open spaces, and to be closer to family once again.

It has been an incredible ride these past 7 years in Hong Kong. Living and working in Sheung Wan where I set up my offices. I felt so blessed to be in such a creative and exciting part of Hong Kong, where you could feel the buzz of new ideas and creative expression constantly bubbling just under the surface. My experiences as a radio presenter, voice over artist, journalist, actress and now owner of a vocal academy where I have met and worked with some of the most wonderful students in Hong Kong who have all without exception have been so enjoyable to know and work with, as well as my continuation in my usual roles as producer, song writer and singer - it has been extraordinary.

Working with the Gipsy Kings in Rajasthan and Delhi were among my favourite moments, as well as working with Keanu Reeves, oscar winning costumer designers (on the movie Mercury Factor), playing lead in the first stage play to be commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts festival to be written in English and working albeit briefly with Jackie Chan, to mention a few just a few moments I loved. Hong Kong IS a lady and a mother and full and brimming over with wonderful talented people who understand that life is for living and that good work is to be celebrated.

So here I am, now back in the UK and after a wonderful summer with plenty of sun, I was happily surprised after my time in the tropics.

It’s incredible to be back, it’s incredible to be facing new challenges and opportunities, it’s fantastic to be surrounded by such outstanding beauty that I see with every short trip I have to take of a day. Thank you England for receiving me back, I have multiplied since I have been away and return with a little treasure - my daughter. Life as a single mum running a company in Hong Kong has been a beautiful struggle and as I manage my offices from so far away, I look at the vast open sky from my window and say “Thank you England.” once more.

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